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Support the Liberty Shield Initiative

As a civilian-led organization, the Liberty Shield Initiative works tirelessly to uphold and reinforce the principles of our constitutional republic. We are deeply committed to safeguarding the right to freedom of speech, ensuring unbias access to information, and providing support to those impacted by corruption or actions undermining the U.S. Constitution.

But we can't do it alone. We rely on the generous contributions of individuals like you to help us fulfill our mission.

Your contribution can help us:​

  • Advocate for policy oversight and reforms that protect our freedoms

  • Develop educational resources and public awareness campaigns about constitutional rights and the importance of freedom of speech

  • Provide resources and support for individuals affected by corruption or constitutional infringements


"Donation successful! Thank you for standing with us and supporting our cause. Your contribution will go a long way in ensuring freedom of speech, promoting access to information, and combating corruption. We appreciate your generosity!"

To make a safe environment where whistleblowers can use their constitutional rights and inform the nation, we are currently focusing on raising awareness and funding for those currently affected.

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